Frequently Asked Questions


Are you required to have homeowners insurance?

No, homeowners insurance is not required in North Carolina unless dictated by your mortgage company. It is best to connect with a homeowner insurance specialist to talk about your homeowner insurance options.

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Are auto insurance companies regulated?

Yes, auto insurance companies are regulated. However, regulation varies state by state. North Carolina is the most regulated state in the country. In contrast South Carolina has more of a free market approach.

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Can I change my auto insurance policy in the middle of my policy?

Yes, you can change your auto insurance midterm. However, in the state of North Carolina there is a short rate cancellation fee which is around 10% of your premium.

How long does it take to get an auto insurance quote?

Typically our turn around time is one day on a normal risk policy. However, this varies on case by case basis. At the end of the day we want to make sure that we are matching you with the best auto insurance policy that fits your needs and budget.

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Do I have to have auto insurance?

Yes, you are required by the state of North Carolina to carry auto insurance. You must have auto insurance to obtain a drivers license and legally operate a vehicle.

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Can I put anyone on my auto insurance policy?

You can list drivers that are in your household on your auto insurance policy, but you cannot make them a named insured unless they have ownership in the vehicle.

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How can I pay my auto insurance?

Your payment plan for auto insurance will depend on your insurance company. However, in most cases auto insurance companies offer a monthly EFT option as well as paper billing. Some offer a paid in full discount which can be 10% to 15%.

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