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Obtain workers’ compensation insurance in Charlotte, NC

The nature of your business operations can take a toll on your employees. If they suffer from injuries or ailments as a result of their work, you may be liable to cover their time off or medical costs. Work with ISU Wes Connor Insurance of Charlotte, NC to find a workers’ compensation that would be best for you and your employees.

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What does workers’ compensation really offer your employees?

What does workers’ compensation really offer your employees?

Workers’ compensation is required for many types of business, and there are plenty of misconceptions about the extent of this form of coverage. Here are a few things to know about standard workers’ compensation coverage:

  • Workers’ compensation provides disability payments while the employees is unable to work
  • An employee’s injury or ailment is covered by workers’ compensation as long as it’s job-related
  • An employee’s injury or ailment did not have to be caused by an accident for them to receive coverage
  • An employee’s injury is not covered if it occurred while they were committing a crime

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