Find Universal Life Insurance in Charlotte, NC

Find Universal Life Insurance in Charlotte, NC

Get life insurance that adjusts to your needs

Most insurance policies require you to pay fixed premiums. Wes Connor Insurance in Charlotte, NC offers universal life insurance policies that let you change your premium without applying for a brand-new policy. How does it work?

You still need to meet a minimum premium, but it doesn’t all need to come from your pocket. A universal life insurance policy works with your policy’s cash value and accrued interest to make up for any lower payments you make.

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We offer flexible life insurance for your flexible life

When you buy universal life insurance through Wes Connor Insurance, you can vary your premiums, payments and death benefits when you need to. Universal life insurance gives you the flexibility to:

  • Pay ahead: Pay more than required when you have extra money.
  • Pay less: Adjust your premium when you need to.
  • Skip payments: If your policy’s cash value is sufficient, you can skip a payment.

The trade-off is an adjustable interest rate. Call our office in Charlotte, NC now to see if universal life insurance is a smart choice for you.