Term Life Insurance

Charlotte, NC

Term life insurance policies differ from whole life insurance policies because term life insurance policies are sold for specific lengths of time. Normally term life insurance policies are sold for lengths of time between 10 and 30 years. At the end of the term you stop paying the premium and the policy expires.

There are pros and cons to term life insurance and it is important that you talk with one of our insurance experts to decide what type of life insurance is best for you. Below you will find general pros and cons to term life insurance. To learn more about term life insurance contact our Charlotte, NC insurance office today at (704) 665-5340!

Pros Term Life Insurance

• Term life insurance is affordable
• Term life insurance typically do not have hidden fees or exclusions
• You can cancel term life insurance before the policy ends

Cons Term Life Insurance

• When you term ends your policy and coverage expire

Term Life Insurance Options

• 10- Year Level Term
• 20 –Year Level Term
• 30 Year Level Term

The minimum amount of coverage is $50,000 (or $100,000 for the Premier Non-Tobacco Program*)

*Amount of benefits may vary