Need Health Insurance in Charlotte, NC?

Need Health Insurance in Charlotte, NC?

Get insured quickly with simplified issue life insurance

You lead a busy life, so finding time to set up a health exam isn’t easy. With simplified issue life insurance, you might not need to. Most applicants won’t need to see a health care provider to be approved for this type of insurance.

If you live in Charlotte, North Carolina, Wes Connor Insurance can walk you through the application process. Call now for a free simplified issue life insurance quote.

Is simplified issue life insurance right for you?

Which type of insurance is best for you and your family? That depends on a number of factors, including your health and financial situation. Simplified issue life insurance is:

  • Convenient: Most policy holders will not need a physical exam.
  • Fast: Without an exam, the insurance underwriting process is much faster.
  • Easy: You’ll need to answer a questionnaire to qualify for simplified issue life insurance.

If you need insurance quickly, this option could work for you. Call Wes Connor Insurance in Charlotte, NC today to see if simplified issue life insurance is best for you.