Keep Your Business Assets Covered

Find commercial property insurance coverage in Charlotte, NC

While running a business, especially a small one, you want to keep losses to a minimum. There are some situations, such as sudden accidents, when losses cannot be foreseen or avoided. That’s where commercial property insurance coverage comes in. ISU Wes Connor Insurance of Charlotte, NC can protect your assets and capital with a property insurance policy.

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Don’t squander your resources

Don’t squander your resources

Accidents happen, and with the right insurance, you’ll have the means to restore the condition of your property after an unfortunate situation. We’ll make sure your commercial property and your resources are protected by property insurance. Your property insurance policy can cover damage to:

  • Your building
  • Outdoor signage
  • Furniture and equipment
  • Inventory
  • Fencing and landscaping
  • Others’ property

As a result of:
  • Fires or explosions
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Car accidents

Turn to ISU Wes Connor Insurance for reliable property insurance.